The Pleiadian Mission

Dear Reader,

The Pleiadian Mission was written in 1994 after my visits with Eduard Billy Meier in Switzerland several years earlier. Billy is a very private person who keeps to himself and seldom speaks with visitors. So having had the privilege of meeting him and spending several weeks at his home it occurred to me that many other people would love to just sit down and ask him a few questions about his contacts with the ET's from the Pleiades.

After giving many public lectures about the Pleiadian information it was clear to me that the majority of people have the same questions.

Who are the Pleiadians and where did they come from?
Why did they choose Billy Meier to meet with?
How do their ships navigate across the universe?
The History of Earth and the Evolution of mankind as they know it.
What is the origin of the Universe and how do we fit in to it?
What is their understanding of Spirituality?
Jesus, the Egyptian Pyramids and other Earth Mysteries.
How does human life evolve?
And a few other topics related to the process of spiritual growth, reincarnation, akashic records, meditation, the other side, channeling and how spiritual wisdom is carried to the next life.
So I wrote The Pleiadian Mission in order to explain the 1800 pages of Contact Notes Billy Meier wrote of his many contacts with the Pleiadians.

I was fascinated to sit at his kitchen table and hear this wonderful information. It has certainly changed my life. So if you are open to pushing your mind off planet and into a larger world, please read the book and take a big step down the road of your own journey through life.

Randolph Winters

The Pleiadian Mission

The book is no longer in print, but now available in eBook format on the Kindle at